Welcome to BoyMom Adventures!

Welcome to my blog! I decided I could use a place to share my adventures of being a stay at home mom of 3 outrageously energetic kids. Thank you for reading!

So let me start out by giving you a little taste of our world! Our house is in a state of constant chaos and most of the time I enjoy it. No seriously, I do (I can almost see you rolling your eyes!) Even as I type this my 3-year-old is chatting away and I have stopped no more than two times to go help him with either putting together a Lego monster truck or to congratulate him on his amazing potty experience (that I hope I won’t find remnants on the floor or seat.. again!). My blog will be filled with some of my day-to-day crazy with my kids as I learn my way around today’s world influencing my boys growing up, they don’t come with instruction manuals so I’m only human and learning as I go too just like you all are ( I am looking into inflatable sumo wrestling outfits to settle some arguments – I promise to share that experience if we do!). Being a mom means being the ROCK in the house, we live on a budget here, I am a DIY when I can and I am a Pinterest Addict! I’ll admit it, no shame I was there when you had to be invited by the owners! We love to garden or just being outside with my boys and I TRY to encourage yard work, but some how the toys are too tempting. HA.. needs work this summer!

Things to look for in upcoming blogs will be my son’s 7th birthday party. He is into Astronaut and Outer Space Theme Party this year and summer is around the corner, the kids will be home.. ALL DAY! Yea… I mean YIKES, I need to start finding ways to keep them occupied and attempt to plan our summer activities. Are you ready?? Have you planned your summer with your kids or is anyone out there a little behind this year too? This year is going by too fast, but I am looking forward to sharing our fun experiences with you and please feel free to leave comments, don’t be shy!


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