NASA Birthday Cake

My son’s 7th Birthday came and went in a blur! I think the focal was the cake, I am pretty proud of this cake! I always bake and decorate my kids’ cakes every year (or try, if I cannot it will be my mom or sisters – love you ladies!)

NASA was the theme and I went through Pinterest to get as many ideas as I could for the party, including cake ideas but of course it was totally up to the birthday boy and what he desired in the end (and what mommy could create – I am NOT a professional after all.. I am only human, although I love that sometimes they seem to think I could have superhuman powers!). He told me that he wanted the NASA logo on a two layered white cake and I found this on Pinterest  NASA Groom Cake obviously no directions, but I had a visual! Here is our version!


His choice for cake was a double chocolate cake (double yum!). I used one cake mix and split it between one 10″ round pan and one 8″ pan.

The Marshmallow Fondant recipe is super easy, I found this one from she provides two different kinds, but I prefer the Marshmallow its easier for me (time is limited mommas! Plus.. the kids love the fact that the cake is covered in melted marshmallow!) The NASA Logo was all done free hand, but the Happy Birthday letters section was from Playdoh cutouts (I prefer the term resourceful.. not cheap because I didn’t buy the fancy set of fondant letters, but I washed them I promise! ) You cannot see it in the picture but we had extra fondant and my son made shapes of Saturn and a star himself to add to the back, he was very proud adding his touch to the cake!

The cake was a hit! My dad even went for seconds, I enjoyed making it and seeing my son get excited over it also!


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