Being the Third Child


My sweet little 3 year old and I were playing cars on the floor in our living room the other day when he says, “hey Mom pretend like there are zombies chasing after your car!”. What?! Wait! OK, now with him being the third kid in the line up over here, hearing the WORD zombies did not make me flinch but the fact that he used it in play so seamlessly made me ache to run put on Seasame Street or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat until he forgets about zombies! He even knew what they were! Ugh, I immediately wanted to .. to.. do what, I didn’t know! I was shocked, I just tried to “get rid of all the zombies with our laser guns” as he suggested and we agreed that they weren’t coming back into our house again because he would protect me.

I remember when my oldest was in kindergarten, we would stay after school for 30mins or so and let him and his younger brother run and play together on the school playground before we drove home. Loved that time for them to let loose with the friends and time for me to mingle with the moms of my son’s friends (Yea for adult interaction! Something I was so glad to have found in a awesome group of ladies).  I do have to apologize for my newbie way of thinking though and I laugh at myself (or cringe at my judgement back then.. what did I know, nothing that’s what!) because this little 5 year-old girl would love to come up and tell me every week what level of the zombies apocalypse game she accomplished over the weekend and every detail HOW she did it.  I would always think, she’s 5! Why are they allowing her to play a game about zombies? Well now thinking about it, she probably had older siblings, brothers at that and none of it terrified her. So I am sorry I judged, at the time I could only think about explaining to my own 5 year old what a zombie was and why it came back to life to eat people.. yea.. and then explain it to a 3 year old.. I was a wee bit frustrated by the lack of sleep from the zombie plaqued nightmares.  I get it now, the job is harder with each child because you have to override the sibling influences.

We just enrolled our little guy into a mothers day out program, I am super stoked to see how this will go. (anyone catch the sarcasm. .. anyone?) Some moms worry if he will miss you, will he cry, will he share or play well with other kids.. oh me? Yes all of the above! But I’m just hoping he doesn’t repeat zombies, vampires or any other scary creature he learned from chasing after his brothers. I have started to prepare myself mentally for the karma headed my way…but I have a plan to wipe the zombies from his brain before he begins the MDO, I have all summer.

This summer will not be ALL about TV, kindles, apps, movies, etc (hey a little down time never hurt anyone!) … but I want them to learn how to EARN things this summer. I feel like we have been so busy that this year has flown by so quickly that we haven’t done much WITH the kids. So maybe if WE are busy working towards a goal like a trip to a museum or a day trip to the beach, the zombies will be a distant memory during play time come first day of school! Wish me luck!

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