Little Boys and Public Restrooms

As a mom of three boys who are all three now fully potty trained ( as in they no longer require diapers – I didn’t say they could aim very well!) when we are out in public without daddy, they go to the restroom on their own. Well.. except to the dismay of my youngest who is trying to keep up with the big guys and do what they do.. but nope he has to go into to the girls restroom. Trust me buddy, this is WHY we go pee-pee potty before we leave the house! As for the oldest two, yes boys you are on a timer and mommy will not hesitate to come into the BOYS restroom to drag you out. (sorry guys! but if you see a couple of boys in there by themselves playing around you’ve got to know their momma will be comin’ in lookin’ for them sooner or later!) That being said, I wanted to share some funny stories of public restroom instances we have run into that made me wish we stayed home. First, let me point out that I don’t care for public restrooms, not saying that the following restrooms were not clean (they definitely were!) but I just have a creeped out factor about it.. I’m weird like that, I would rather wait until I got home. My kids on the other hand, they were sent from God to break me from this weirdness of my dislike of public restrooms because EVERY place we seem to go to.. someone HAS to use the bathroom. I kid you not! I almost think they have a weird fascination with the bathrooms!! It has to be a guy thing! I blame my husband and his unnatural fascination for the Buc-ee “cleanest restrooms”, so he says.. we stop on each road trip. Men are different creatures ladies, I am sure you can agree with me. 


We were in the library over the weekend, the bathrooms are right next to the preschool books section where I was looking for Little Bit something to read (he lost interest apparently and the little kids playing with toys were more interesting – nice) and I was walking by a woman standing by the boys restroom, we made eye contact and did the head nod thing guys do. We acknowledged each other, no smiles or hello but then again I soon realized why she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be waiting outside the boys bathroom. She stood there yelling through the door at her son and it went something like this:

Mom “Open this door, let me in. Are you done yet?”

Son “No mom, I’m not done. You can’t come in here its the BOYS bathroom!”

Mom “You better be done, what are you doing in there?”

Son “No mom, don’t come in! I don’t need your help! (long pause) I had an accident”

Mom “Oh, well you have two minutes to clean up and come out!”

Mind you it’s a library! She’s yelling through the bathroom door by the preschool section and her son, poor baby, had an accident. He came out embarrassed and she was walking him out the doors at a quick pace, I’m trying not to laugh (bad me!) because well… it was funny because I can imagine this being me SO much and just as I am thanking God it’s NOT me..  my kid walks up to me with a serious look on his face. I raise my face up to God and thank Him for the reminder not to laugh at a fellow moms stress, because here it is staring at my face. My kid had to go poop! So I point to the just vacated bathroom, but freeze thinking maybe I should go check the shape of the bathroom! (remember, I’m weird about public restrooms, I’m. different. like. that.) So.. now my youngest takes note of what’s going on and he’s thinking yeah that’s a GREAT idea I have to go potty too! So I am walking both boys to the bathroom I see my eldest son and I motion to him, like a coach trying to get his baseball player to steal second, what our plans are so he doesn’t panic at our absence. Arriving at our destination – boys bathroom (private by the way) – and I swing the door open and immediately Little Bit runs to the toilet to pull his pants down! Yikes! Slow down kid! I usher my son in and now we are all inside the boys bathroom with the door closed, I feel like I just dodged a bullet there just to turn and get a strange look from my son. I’m like, what?! He says, “mom, I can’t go potty while y’all are in here!” and I told him he could go in the girls private bathroom next door, no one was using it. WOAH! Yea apparently he’s at the age where that’s not OK to do anymore, because it says girls on the door, my bad. So Little Bit finishes and I usher him next door to wash his hands and leave the other one to his privacy. Geez.. such an ordeal! What happened to “if you got to go, you got to go”?

I have so many stories from having all three in the stall juggling an infant carrier & potty training to learning to handle my littles being afraid of the automatic hand dryers (those things are loud to little kids, let alone scary when they are built above their heads and blowing hot air right above their heads!) I’m sure there will be more to come as they get older, Heaven help me!

Do you have any stories to share?  Feel free to share, either leave in the comments or email me directly! I would love to hear from you! Until next time! Don’t forget enter your email address to get updates for new updates on the goings on over here!

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