Could my boys be sweet everyday?

Ever notice how we all put SO much emphasis into just one day for Mothers? Why one day? I read a blog post by click HERE to read it, (I came across it through a fellow blogger’s Facebook page – @QuirkyMomma.) I can actually relate to her blog post in a lot of ways over the past 9 years. She talks about how we build up Mothers’ Day to be this ONE day where mothers can sleep in, relax and not do a thing, but for some the reality is that while it is a celebration, you are still cleaning up after everyone and resuming the mommy chores for the day as if it was a normal day and at the end of it all you feel let down. It’s a dream for some moms to have a day of spa treatments with a drink in hand while everyone else does all your work for you. As if to say, congrats mom take a load off today pamper yourself and let us do all the work (ME! ME I would like that, at least that drink part) but reality is, not everyone gets that. Plus,the cleaning part would still be waiting for you the next day anyway. This is not the worst fate for a mother by far, I love the handmade cards, gifts they made themselves or breakfast made by themselves. When the kids were too little to be able to do things like that themselves, I would just dream of the day when they would come home with a drawing for me (sounds crazy huh.. I should dream of diamonds or something right?)  There are some mom’s who get that pampered day, but why wait for Mothers’ Day to get it, right?

I look around my house and I see the evidence of my kids’ love. My oldest loves to write me notes from his notepad (think old school paper not an electronic) and leaves them for me – usually at night for when I get to bed or when I’ve had an extra rough day. My middle child will write short notes, draw pictures or lately he’s been into quick post-it “I love you” notes. Their notes or pictures are all around the house and I love the reminders that they do love me (even when they shout something that sounds different in an angry voice). I get to spend one on one time snuggling with my Little Bit everyday and playing games with him or helping him learn ABCs. Granted things are WAY busier and times are harder or just different back when we only had one child, but everyday I am blessed to still be able to be a stay at home momma to raise them how we want, so I need to put my FULL attention on that 24/7 job.

Mothers Day Blog Post 2017

The days are busier now with three kids, so they fly by even faster! I have to remind myself constantly to SLOW DOWN, that load of laundry or sink full of breakfast dishes can wait a few more minutes while I play trucks or Lego with my kids. How many more times are they going to ask ME to play? Soon they will be busy with after school clubs, sports and activities with friends as those fill up our calendar with three boys!

On this Mother’s Day, I’m not going to worry about being pampered or put my feet up with a drink in hand. I’m going to reach for the little hands that want to hold mine or want to play trucks again. I snuggled with my Little Bit who crawled into bed with us last night – would I have liked to not have some little ninja kick me in the back or take up half the king size bed? Well yes, of course! But then I would have missed out on the sweetest of snuggles in the morning. Staying in my grandma’s house for the weekend I needed to clean the sheets and towels we used (sorry grandma I know you told me not to bother with it, but you know I can’t leave your house without cleaning up after my family) Did I still get a wonderful breakfast made for me? Yes I did, thank you husband of mine. I opened my beautiful handmade gifts from my boys, some brought tears to my eyes, and I am sporting my new Boy Mom shirt from my husband. Now ready for our day ahead to celebrate with two important women in my life, my grandma and her sister (she’s like having another grandma to love!) before driving back home to hopefully make it in time to give my wonderful mom a tight hug and thank her for being my mom!

Hope today was filled with memories, happy tears, the sweet sound of laughter and smiles from everyone. From my heart to yours mommas, Happy Mother’s Day!

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