My Kids’ Favorite Backyard Toys!

We are so lucky to live in a house with a nice size backyard! Gives the boys lots of room to run off the energy they seem to have in abundance. Along with the roomy backyard we have a large oak tree with the perfect limbs for a tree swing – which has been recently gifted to the boys by my parents. At first they were skeptical about it – they did not enjoy the swings we already had in place in the backyard after all. Why? I don’t know, too sedate? Too kiddie? Who knows! After a few warm and sunny days, they were testing the limits on how high they could fly each other on the swing! Oh. My. Word. I think at first I was excited and then quickly decided rules needed to be in place for my boys! Oh, how quickly they take things to the next level, those rascals!

 Lately I have seen them take their books outside to read or just lay on the swing and stare up at the swaying branches while enjoying the quiet time. They each enjoy their moments of quiet time on the swing without distraction as much as they love to test the limits of how high they can go (without flipping each other off) or how many can fit on the swing without breaking it. (I can sit snuggly with the older two.. for now) It is relaxing for just me too! Honestly, we all get some enjoyment out of it, I love the smiles and the laughter from the backyard (the arguing over who’s turn it is – I could do without that but let’s not get too picky shall we hahaha) If you are curious, click on the Amazon link below and check out the details!

40 INCH Swing Round Net Swing Spider Web Swing Playground Swing – RED – 40 inch Diameter – Safe & Easy Mounting to Trees or Existing Playground.

Another favorite toy in the backyard are the Toobeez! They come with instructions, but using their imaginations they create forts, cars, space shuttles, houses, etc. in the backyard. We have two sets and they are very sturdy to go through play time with my three boys. It reminds me of Tinker Toys – the LARGE yard ones from the 80’s that you cannot find anywhere (yes, yes.. I just AGED myself – disregard that!) They clean up nicely, comes with its own zip up bag (love that! Because seriously all those yellow balls rolling everywhere would drive me insane!) We started out with this as an indoor set, but they have too many toys and not enough room to build, so we took it outside. They hold up well for us so far. I also included a link below if you are interested in learning more, go check it out!

Toobeez ultimate Life Size Building Set, 57 Pieces

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