Summer Lego Club

My kids love Legos, if they could spend their entire day playing Legos I really think they would! The elementary school they attend has an excellent after school program where once a month they meet for an hour and a half to complete Lego Challenges. It’s a kid’s dream, bins and bins of Legos lined up around the library as they are sitting in a semi-circle around the librarian – who runs the program. She announces the challenge for the day and they run through that days challenge, for example – the challenge could be to build a vehicle with 2 wheels, but it has to have 2 passengers, at least 25 Lego pieces and 1 pink Lego. Parents are there to participate with their kids and you have 60 minutes to complete your challenge before the children are to present their creations in front of their peers. 

Lego Creation
Example of a school Lego Club Challenge – Build 2 items that represent a holiday you celebrate in December. This was Santa’s updated workshop and his modernized sleigh (son’s creation) &  a Christmas Tree (mom’s creation).. My kids take Legos to the extreme – you should have seen the expression on the Librarian’s face when he presented – it was out of appreciation no doubt LOL! (I was a proud BOY MOM! )

Now that school is coming to an end, Lego club is over and the boys are begging to start our summer Lego club at home. Last summer once a week or so, we would get together with my sister and her crew for Lego club at home and it was a fun experience for all, good time for us moms to get together and chat while the kids create! Hoping for our group to grow this summer, the boys and I spent some time over the weekend making a list of possible challenges for the summer. Hoping to make it more of a challenge for the older kiddos I found some Maker Space Lego Challenges on Pinterest. Follow my Lego Challenges Board on Pinterest, I can always find fantastic stuff on Pinterest to guide us when we have trouble thinking up new Lego Challenges.

Lego creation - candy dispenser
Lego creation – candy dispenser

I added an separate page to the website dedicated for all things Lego related, since we do a ton with Lego around here lately, the page is called “Everything Lego.” Check back in June for some Lego posts on our Summer Lego creations! For now if you click on the blue link, you will find the list that the boys and I worked on. Any suggestions, feel free to leave in the comment section at the bottom of the page! I look forward to hearing from you, it’s going to be so much fun! Playing Legos with the boys always ends up eating away the afternoon for me and it’s worth it when they thank me for playing with them. Makes me feel 20 feet tall when they look at me  like I was the coolest mom ever after we built the candy dispenser from  Frugal Fun 4 Boys or the cute Minion Lego creations as a group (took us an hour but so worth it!)

Feel free to send me any ideas you find! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter! Don’t forget to sign up with your email to receive notices when there’s something new going on with the blog! Looking forward to getting the weekly Lego challenges started and posted!

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