Go outside and play!

Yea! It’s summer break! Woot Woot.

I’m way too excited.. way.. way.. too excited. Seriously, no sarcasm here.

Hold that thought! My dear sweet, sweet angels, school just let you out for summer one week ago and so far you have been on a road trip during half that time. For the past few days my sweet, sweet angels have sat on their bums and watched TV and played Legos. Did they go outside when the sky cleared of rain.. yes! For about 20 minutes and I received the “do you know the temperature gauge says its 100 degrees outside? It’s way too hot for us to be outside” as they dramatically go for gulps of water and get comfortable on the couch. Oh heck no! We are NOT starting the summer like this!


Sigh, I could say I let them sit there while I caught up on all my bills and blog posts that I have half written…geez, I really need to get some work and cleaning done around here, but nope I was a good momma and told them to help me clean the house or go back outside, because I’ll be honest I’m at my wit’s end with all three acting like the lazy couch potatoes, they end up fighting more this way too.  2 out of the 3 opted for outside time (go figure the oldest stays inside, beginning to think he’s not my outside kinda guy) I can already feel the overwhelmed feeling slide over me as they are getting restless but whiney too. Ah summer has just begun! Breathe momma. You’ve got this! They are lightweights, you can take them! (cue the Rocky music)



I was not mentally prepared for the everyday – “I’m bored” whining, back talk and temper tantrums. I do believe I picked up the wrong children some days! Who are these boys?? They look like my sweet babies and there are moments during the day where I get a glimpse of them but then they disappear. I think they are suffering from withdrawal from school, maybe I should start mini classes in the morning- at a decent hour after I’ve had my coffee of course- and then they can learn things like how to organize bills, create grocery lists on a budget based on meals we will make! Before long I can micromanage my children to run this house! haha.. yea that’s not going to work, but it was a nice thought at first!

Here’s my frustration with my little love munchkins –  who need to learn to deal with boredom and let mommy take care of her long, long To-Do list – I don’t feel the need to entertain my kids every second of the day. I know it’s “their summer break” (yes! someone actually said this to me as if to make me feel guilty that I still needed to run my household instead of plan out their entire summer), as I pointed out so eloquently to my 9-year-old the other morning, summer means no school until mid August – there is it, that’s it! You can sleep in a little later (which he doesn’t by the way, none of them do – that will change right? My mom laughs and says ‘Yes and then you won’t be able to get them to wake up when you want them up’) and stay up a little later at night, but I am not planning on running you around town and visiting everyone we know EVERY DAY just so you have something to do. I have to get things done, then we can do something together, I promise.

busy life quote

I have a house full of toys that need to be picked up continuously or be threatened garbage day disposal, but they act like they have nothing to do if the TV is off and Kindles are put away. GO OUTSIDE my loves! Find bugs, play in mud, climb trees, catch frogs – be typical little boys! We have had our days of mud runs through the house because it IS hard to remember to take off your mud-caked boots when you have to come inside to get a drink of water or to go potty (if they haven’t already gone outside! ah little boys). I can teach you to run the carpet cleaner – just get outside while the weather is nice, put those Kindles down, stop begging to watch TV all day and get excited over going outside! Build a fort and chase each other! (ooh Hide and Seek! Hmm they are too competitive with each other for this game, it’s ridiculous how they need supervision for it !)

It is still early in the summer, with mommy and daddy’s schedules just as busy as they were during school time, I know they are frustrated with all this free time. It’s not like I left them hangin’ with nothing to do! It may not be running to the park every afternoon, museum, movies, vacations, etc. every week or a new adventure every morning but eventually that will exhaust them. (even if they don’t believe me) I have my limitations health wise right now and they “know” that but they don’t  understand how that exactly impacts them in the long run I guess. I do my best while daddy works, glad we have lots of family close by and they love the attention, crave it almost. We will have a great summer break, maybe some small adventures with those closest to us but they will make some of the biggest memories!

My kids’ idea of summer needs to come back to reality – let me help ya with that, sha! Summer is for relaxing, I will not be stressed – WE will not be stressed as a family! We will learn to love this time of the year with each other and the journey we will take every year. Breathe momma, no pressure right? haha!

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  1. Andrea R Huelsenbeck

    When I was a little girl, my mother was always sending me outside to play–in hot, humid New Jersey! I soon figured out I could go read in the library for hours, and they wouldn’t shoo me away–and it was air conditioned!

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