Grab a book and start an adventure!

I don’t know about your family, but my crew loves to read. Now that school is out, we have immediately gotten lazy with TV and even Legos could last all day if I let it (trust me, if they got along that long I might consider a day of Legos just so I could catch up on all that’s left on my To-Do list! – just every now and then, ha ha). The local libraries have started their Children’s Summer Reading Programs offering prizes for reaching goals. Problem is, last summer my kids read through the program in a few weeks – THAT’S how much they enjoy reading or maybe the enjoyment of being competitive with each other. Which brings up an interesting issue for me as I scour the internet for help – what do 7-9 year olds read these days? We have exhausted the following series:

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series
  2. Big Nate Series
  3. Junie B Jones
  4. Magic Treehouse

My 9 yr old had just started bringing home the Harry Potter series towards the end of the school year and books involving dragons, magic, etc. Geronimo Stilton is a new series my 7 yr old picked up and now they are both reading through quickly together, trading books at night and discussing what they read – it’s like they have a little book club of their own, it’s so cute! But I wouldn’t dare say that to them, that would be uncool – right? I could use some more ideas for children’s series or books to read this summer if anyone wants to lend a fellow parent a hand!

Our local library is currently running a Children’s reading program where they earn rewards for the amount of books (or pages) they have read. So far, we are off to a slow start and I am hoping they will perk up after they earn that first reward which I believe is an envelope of free coupons from around the city, next one is usually a toy. Last year we enjoyed most of our freebies and they were excited (at least the older two were, Little Bit was like – “I don’t want paper!” hopefully this year he will have a better understanding of those little papers) I have also added a step for my oldest, because he reads so FAST, I have asked him to write a book report on each book he has read. He’ll be in the 4th grade next year (oh man, that was hard to type out! Where did my baby go?) so I need to make the reading more of a challenge.

Even though they love to go to the library and check out books, my two oldest boys received Amazon’s Kindle Fires for Christmas and we downloaded the Overdrive App* so that they can connect with their libraries in the area and check out books to read on their tablets. This has become a lifesaver at times when we can’t get out to go to the library and they have already finished all their books they checked out.


All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa*



We have rules with the tablets, and one of those rules is they can have it before bed if they are reading a book (or listening to an audio book with their headphones) I have so many parental blocks to keep my little ones safe from the internet and steer them towards “safer” apps that have been approved by mom and dad. Yes – having my kids join the internet phase of life is scary for me, doesn’t it make you nervous?!

Today is a rainy day, so it is a great time to read! What usually happens is at one point I will glance up and see we have stacks and stacks of books all around the room! I ask them if they read like this at school in the library, of course the answer is no, so why do they do it here? Amazing how these little guys are sweet gentleman at school, but little hell raisers at home – thanks guys, your mom appreciates it, now please go clean up!


*There are affiliate links in this post, this doesn’t cost you a thing – just means I earn a few more coins in the bank if you like what you see – enjoy them, because we love them and wanted to share with you!*


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