Puddle jumping, might as well join them!

It’s been raining and raining, which means puddles everywhere! Time to throw on the rain jacket and rain boots and head out! There is only so much inside time that I – er, I mean my kids – can handle before cabin fever sets in! Little Bit woke up the other morning asking to head to the splash pad, oh silly boy head out to the backyard, it’s a splash pad out there haha!

rain boots

The thing about my boys, they will wear their rain boots year round rain or shine. They will wear holes in them before their feet grow too big for them. Well then my husband decided I needed my own pair in order to follow them around as they got older.. mine have lasted much longer! Too bad I don’t enjoy wearing mine as much as they enjoy theirs,  it would be helpful.

We were out shopping and it had been raining, of course TODAY we don’t have our rain boots on, and Little Bit found EVERY puddle in the parking lot to jump in from the car to the front door, it was so cute to see his excitement until we made it inside the store. Awesome! Wet, squeaky shoes skipping along the aisles of the store until he complains that his socks are wet and he wants to take his socks and shoes off. Count down to temper tantrum starts now ! You know I was speed walking through the store to finish my shopping while trying to convince him that taking his shoes and socks off now would just be a bad idea. He didn’t believe me of course. He’s so cute at 3, I love this age and some days I cannot stand it. Giving up on my attempt to focus while shopping we eventually made it out of the store and went home so they could splash in the puddles, get muddy – and then come inside and mess the carpet up.

Enjoying time with the boys and letting go of the need to control the crazy mom inside who doesn’t want to clean the carpet AGAIN from muddy messes and just get out there and play with them. The messes will wait, obviously not going to go anywhere unless I deal with them, but I do miss so many moments WITH the boys because I catch myself trying to be “supermom” who does all! They are growing up and these moments that they want to play with mom won’t last forever, I just need to learn to let go more.


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