Back to School Deals!

Nothing like school supply sales popping up to remind you that the summer is coming to an end (at least right now in the US), right? As much as they might love to stay home and “play all day” I think they might be ready to get back to school and see friends!

When it comes to buying school supplies you probably have two options

  1. Buy the supply packages from the school (if your school offers this)
  2. Scope out the deals and collect the supplies on your own.

Honestly I try to watch for the sales, it saves us money because I get them on sale versus the school packages at a premium price. That is not to say that some times it pays to grab the supply packages the schools put together. If you don’t order them over the summer they sometimes have extras during the “Meet the Teacher” nights.


Pros and Cons of buying the school supplies from the school

  • Pros – Saves time, guaranteed to have all supplies
  • Cons – You pay more by missing sale prices

There is the convenience factor I believe a lot of parents are going for and well I don’t blame them, some items are hard to find and instead of searching store after store, why not let someone else do it. Time is valiable and if paying a little extra to NOT stress over collecting supplies, that’s what the packages are there for.

Pros and cons of collecting school supplies on your own

  • Pros – Can save money shopping sales, kids can pick out their own colors
  • Cons – Collecting supplies takes time and a chance if you wait too long you may not find ALL supplies requested.

Of course, I seem to like a challenge because I still hit the store sales for school supplies. We are a family of 5 and on a tight budget, so I do my best to try to find ways to save money any chance I can. Every dollar counts, right? If I start early enough I schedule trips when I am already going to be in the area, so no special trip needed.

The stores are now putting out their school supplies and putting sales on certain items. Time to stock up! I have a 4th grader, 2nd grader and one beginning Preschool this year and we already have their supply lists. Here we go!

For the hard to find supplies, check out these specialty office supply stores :

  1. Staples
  2. Office Depot

The following stores have great deals on basic School Supplies like crayons, notebooks, pencils, etc.

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Kroger
  3. Walgreens
  4. CVS* also provides school supplies, backpacks and clothes!! With a few clicks, will deliver straight to your door! Join Amazon Prime and it will be two-day shipping!!

Anyone else shopping the sales to gather school supplies on their own?



**There may be affiliate links in this post, by using these links they are for your convenience and at NO cost to you, if you find something you like I may earn a few coins in the bank. Thank you for visiting**


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