Being an Adult changed my Summers

Remember when summer time was full of sunshine, pool time, riding bikes etc doing just about anything to be outside or on the go? Nothing to worry about except how your were going to fill your day with fun activities? Being an adult killed summer for me! First it was being at college and knowing you can take summer class to graduate faster, plus you needed to get a job to PAY for those classes. Summer at least still held a little of the same feeling of freedom or laziness in the air. Time to go back home to reconnect with family and high school friends or a vacation somewhere before classes start again.

‘Summer still held a little of the same feeling of freedom or laziness in the air’

Then you graduate (or not) and go full-time into the work force and then adulthood seriously begins. No more lazy summer breaks until the next semester of classes, it’s called time off and you have to earn it and ask permission at this new stage. It means no more excuses to ride on your parents coattails with insurance. It didn’t bother me that I no longer could be free on the summer because I enjoyed where I worked and at least most of the people I worked with, sounds silly but I was excited for the challenge.

‘No more lazy summer breaks’

Now that I am a mom of school aged children I see summer completely different, I see it through their eyes. Now we have to wait until the kids’ sport schedules will allow a vacation PLUS lining it up with my husbands’ schedule. When I did work from home, I was blessed to be able to work from any location if I had to, made one less schedule to work around. Summer started to feel like summer again, lazy days in the sun – mostly in the backyard. Except I have to keep watch over my Little Ones because in a blink of an eye those boys will find trouble! We don’t travel with friends, most of our friends have kids and their own schedules and family to visit in the couple of months we have between school years. Through my kids’ eyes I see summer for what it is, I came down off my adult ladder to sit with my kids and play in the sprinklers, eat Popsicles on hot days or play hide and seek, Marco-Polo, blow bubbles or just lay in the grass and giggle over the silly little things that make them belt out a belly laugh.

‘Summer started to feel like summer again’

Trying to encourage my kids to keep themselves busy has been trying, they don’t particularly enjoy being bored. We have had lots of “I’m bored” days and that is OK with me, soon school will be starting and they will no longer be bored. Summer as a parent has its enjoyable days and days where I want to rip my hair out from frustration. I think I enjoy this phase of life though, where I can see and experience the joys of summer through my boys’ eyes but still enjoy the adult side of summer.

Enjoy the summer with your kids, they are only this age once. The years go by fast when they start school and you are running non stop. Slow it down and see it through your kids’ eyes!

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