Everything Lego


Anything Lego that we do goes here!

I will post our creations from Summer Lego Club here after our first meet the first week in June.

 Possible Challenges for Summer Lego Club!

  1. June 14th – Build a vehicle with 2+ wheels, using 25 or more bricks, including 1 yellow brick

    Lego Club 6-14-2017
    First Lego Club was today! We were very excited about getting started this summer, here are a few of our creations from the challenge. Looking forward to next week!
  2. June 21st – Build a bridge with 30+ bricks, tall enough for a car to pass under

    Lego Club 6-22-2017
    We are a day behind on Lego Club, but here it is! It’s a rainy day, perfect for staying inside this morning and building with Legos!
  3. June 28th – Build a boat that can float on water

    The kids were excited about building their boats and testing to see if they float in a bucket of water!
  4. July 5th – Build a spaceship with 2 passengersLego Club 7-5-2017
  5. July 12th – Build a house with 2 windows, a door and 1 orange brick.Lego Club 7-19-2017
  6. July 19th – Build a camp site
  7. July 26th – **Pick a challenge from the bowl**


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